Indiegogo Comes Alive 

We are super-excited about our new Indiegogo campaign. Tons of things are coming together for this summer’s event—great creativity, teamwork, volunteers, events, partnerships—and now we have a dynamite video for our donorship campaign. Check out the links, and forward them to everyone in your social media circles.

Putting together the video was fun, and I learned a lot. First, of course, we had to have a script. That’s where I come in—I am a (can you believe this?) mild mannered science fiction writer by day. So putting together a non-fiction script for the video was a bit of a stretch for me, though the project is so cool that didn’t turn out to be hard, at all. The harder part was keeping it short, because there was so much I wanted to put in!

Then we needed someone to deliver the message. Well, that was a no-brainer: Don Totten, the chair of Rails and Tales 2017 is a wonderful speaker and passionate about steam. Next, we needed a videographer. Holly Totten (yes, there is a connection) is a graduating student at the Alberta College of Art and Design who has studied film and photography, and has access, through the college, to professional equipment. She fussed over the framing, the lighting, and the microphone until she achieved the quality she needed.

Next came visuals. Luckily, we have an amazing photographer on our Board, Leo de Groot, who gave us permission to use footage he has taken over many years of chasing steam trains. Sound was important, too, and we were able to get permission to use Barry Luft’s Instrumental Reprise from his CD of rail tunes—perfect!

Finally, Holly spent hours in her (again, professional) editing software, moving clips, creating cross-fades, raising and lowering sound levels and hunting down bits and pieces to make the video complete.

What a team. And the best part is: it is ready just on time to galvanize the world!

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