The Practicalities of Putting it All Together

Ever put on a big event? I mean a BIG event? Putting together Rails and Tales, 2017, has been an adventure, from Day One.

It began with a dream, of course. A bringing together of this many people to work for the joy of steam trains doesn’t happen without a dream. As told in the first Rails and Tales blog post, Rich and Don were the nucleus of a vision of what might be possible, if others could see what they could.

But dreams aren’t enough, not by a long shot. Rich and Don are both members of a tight-knit, passionate community, including Alan, from East Central Alberta Heritage Society, who could see the Rails and Tales 2017 project falling under the umbrella of their stewardship. The community included Alberta Prairie Railway, a company with the expertise and resources to bring a business partner into the mix. The community included Canadian Northern Society, owners of, among others, the Station at Big Valley. And, of course, the Village of Big Valley, itself, and its dynamic CAO, Michelle.

So much for community support; next Don and Rich had to assemble a team willing to work quietly in the background for months, checking figures, filling out grant applications, developing a communication strategy, drawing together steam locomotives, military events, the M├ętis community, a volunteer artist…and the list goes on and on.

Did the project hit bumps along the way? No project of this size glides down the road without an occasional misstep, but with a committed team working together, problems were solved. And the final result? As I write this, our Kickoff Ceremony is a mere five days away…

And it’s going to be AWESOME!!

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