Local Area Attractions: Tyrell Museum (Drumheller), Lamp Museum (Donalda) Reynolds Museum (Wetaskawin), Meeting Creek Station (Meeting Creek), and Canadian Northern Station and Museum (Camrose)

Visitors coming to Stettler and Big Valley for Rails and Tales 2017 who aren’t from the area might not be aware of the interesting local attractions within driving distance of the events. The Tyrell Museum in Drumheller is, of course, world famous for its information and displays on dinosaurs, and well worth the visit. The … [Read more…]

Role of the Railway in Prairie Ranching, Farming and Industry

As fascinating as the history of steam engines and heritage cars is, the modern railway is central to our fast-paced world’s lifestyle. The original rail lines revolutionized passenger and cargo travel wherever they were introduced worldwide, and in Canada, were a critical factor in creating our nationhood. The story does not stop there. In the … [Read more…]

Indiegogo Comes Alive 

We are super-excited about our new Indiegogo campaign. Tons of things are coming together for this summer’s event—great creativity, teamwork, volunteers, events, partnerships—and now we have a dynamite video for our donorship campaign. Check out the links, and forward them to everyone in your social media circles. Putting together the video was fun, and I … [Read more…]

Métis: Preserving a Way of Life

Many visitors to Alberta’s central regions have some understanding of North America’s colonial past, particularly the interactions between colonizing Europeans and the First Nations and Inuit who originally populated the land. However, many have little understanding of the uniqueness of the place of the Métis people within this mix. The first European explorers (and later … [Read more…]

Troop Trains: Canada’s Response to War Moves a Nation into the Twentieth Century

Canada’s rail heritage has fingers in a lot more pies than just the immediately-recognized image of pioneers and train robbers. For instance, our old steamers were instrumental in supporting military mobilization since before Canada had a coast-to-coast railway. Troop trains began operating with the advent of the second Northwest Rebellion in 1885. Canada’s militia (Queen’s … [Read more…]