Train Ride

Q. If I purchase an advance ticket does that guarantee me a seat?
A. Yes.

Q. Why should I make an advance reservation?
A. We expect all excursion tickets to be in high demand, and there is a limited number of seats on each trip.

Q. What about food, can I bring my own food and eat on the train?
A. Yes, however most excursion tickets include a buffet style country dinner at Big Valley.

Q. Is there someplace to buy food there?
A. In addition to the buffet style country dinner at Big Valley for excursion ticket holders, food can be purchased in Stettler, on the train, or in Big Valley (see Lodging & Dining). Stettler has numerous restaurants less than a five-minute drive from the station. The train has two snack bars and a bar car on board. Big Valley has three eating establishments.

Q. I smoke. Is there a certain car that allows smoking?
A. Under Alberta law there is no smoking permitted on the train. Smoking is allowed outdoors in Stettler and Big Valley.

Q. Can I bring my dog on the train with me?
A. Service Dogs while working are allowed free of charge on the train. Non-service dogs on leashes are allowed in Stettler and Big Valley but not on the train.

Q. Should I bring a jacket?
A. June and early July can be rainy in Alberta, and a rain jacket and/or a warm sweater can sometimes be advantageous. Don’t forget your sun hat, sun cream and insect repellent!

Special Events

Q. Is there anything else to do in the area?
A. Yes. Rails and Tales will sponsor eight days of special events, in addition to the attractions at Stettler and Big Valley (see Events & To Do)

Q. What’s the best place to stay overnight?
A. Stettler has a number of hotels, motels and campsites, and nearby towns of Red Deer, Drumheller, and Camrose also have accommodations. Big Valley has one hotel and limited camping (see Lodging and Dining).

Q: How can I volunteer?
A: Contact Don Totten through the Rails and Tales email (railsandtales@gmail.com) for opportunities to volunteer on the event organizing team or as an on-the-ground volunteer during the event.

Q: How can I donate?
A: Contact the East Central Alberta Heritage Society here.

First Aid and Lost Children

Q. Where should I go for first aid, or if my child is lost?
A:¬†Wednesday, June 28 – Thursday, June 29 go to Lori’s Leather in the Village of Big Valley, 37 Main Street East, (403) 876-2001. On Friday, June 30, the station will be in the Rescue Truck. On the long weekend, the First Aid and Lost Children station will be in the bunkhouse, just north of the Big Valley Station. There is a sign on the door and outside the building. ¬†